Micro:Bit V2 Starter:kit

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The new micro:bit V2 is the latest revision of everyone’s favorite powerful palm-sized, and fully programmable computer.
Conceived by the BBC to encourage children to get actively involved in writing software and building new things that will be controlled by it.
V2 is the same size and shape, and it works in the same way as the original micro:bit. So, if you have used the original then this will be instantly familiar to you.
Write your code using one of the easy-to-use editors provided on the micro:bit website, connect your BBC micro:bit to your computer via USB, press the download button in the editor, and then download the file to the micro:bit.

Micro:bit starter:kit includes:
Micro:bit board, the perfect mini-computer to start learning to program and make it fun and easy. All the essentials to get powered up and ready to program (battery case & 2 AAA Batteries ), A USB cable to connect to a PC. Micro:bit Board features: USB, Radio, serial, and Bluetooth Low energy connectivity.

A Compass and Accelerometer. 2 x user-assignable buttons.

A fully programmable 25 LED display. 25-pin notched edge connector.

Onboard speaker.

MEMs Microphone with LED indicator.

Touch-sensitive logo.
Light level sensing.
Temperature sensing.

Built-in sleep/off mode allows the board to be powered-down with batteries connected.
A discrete regulator that can supply up to 200mA of current to external accessories.
Power status LED and USB data transfer LED.


Code it with MakeCode; Blocks, Javascript, or Python.


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