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Ghidul Profesorului STEAM Park

Soluția educationala STEAM Park dispune de un Ghid al Profesorului cu 8 lecții. Lectiile STEAM Park au fost realizate sub indrumarea Asociația Națională pentru Educația Copiilor mici (NAEYC), care au facut recomandari din stiinta, matematica si tehnologie. NAEYC este o importanta asociatie non-profit din Statele Unite, reprezentand profesori de educatie timpurie, para educatori, directori de centre educationale, formatori, profesori universitari, familii cu copii mici, factori de decizie politica si sustinatori.


Ghidul Profesorului – Maker cu STEAM Park

Explorați lecțiile Maker cu STEAM Park pentru preșcolari dezvoltate pentru a implica și motiva copiii în procesul de creatie timpurie și stârnindu-le interesul pentru învățarea proiectării, tehnologiei și ingineriei.


Ghidul Profesorului – MyXL World

Children will explore Rainbow Town, along with their new friends, Uma, Victor, Wei, Xavier, Yasmin, and Zoe. They will learn about roles and responsibilities in the community, and how to take care of the people around them. Children also acquire new vocabulary and a deeper understanding of contextual language through the unit that illustrates people, places, and things in real life. Some activities involve less familiar scenarios to provide children the opportunity to explore the world beyond their immediate surroundings.

Ghidul Profesorului Coding Express

Develop children’s understanding of cause and effect relationships, and early coding concepts, such as sequencing, looping, and conditional statements. Support the children’s learning, helping them to practice early coding skills, like problem-solving, computational thinking, and using digital tools to design and express ideas. At the same time, they’ll be developing early literacy and language skills.

Ghidul Profesorului Tech Machines

This teacher guide is designed to help educators get started with Tech Machines in their classroom. The languages included are English (US), English (GB), and German.


Ghidul Profesorului StoryTales

The StoryTales Teacher Guide provides fun and engaging opportunities for developing early language and literacy. Children will explore the world of make believe as they retell fictional stories, and exercise their imaginations by building and telling their own stories.

Ghidul Profesorului Build Me „Emotions”

This teacher guide is designed to help teachers develop children’s social skills, such as recognizing and understanding emotions, expressing personal preferences, and resolving conflicts in constructive ways.

Consultati solutiile dezvoltate de LEGO Education pentru Prescolar – Invatare Timpurie 

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